Epona Podiatry Center

About Us

The Epona-Institute was created to help horses and educate the people who care for them about the hoof and equine bio-mechanics. It is our goal to bridge the gap between science and practice in the equine industry. Our mission is to integrate knowledge from different fields (engineering, mathematics, biology, & anatomy) and make it applicable to the treatment of the horse.
Monique Craig

Monique Craig is the founder of the Epona-Institute, she has a degree in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and Physics. She was aiming at a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Stanford when she purchased her Holsteiner Stallion, Smirnoff. His Chronic hoof problems made her take a very different direction in her career. Monique has spent many years researching, trimming, and shoeing the hoof. She has authored many articles about the hoof for equine and farrier magazines, both in the USA and Europe. She has been a speaker at the International Hoof Care Summit in the USA and at the Luwex Symposium in Germany. For the last six years, Monique has been a visiting scholar at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, teaching Introduction to Biomechanics to pre-veterinarian students.

With the success of Metron Hoof software and EponaShoe, it has become evident that there is a serious need for an Equine Podiatry center that is practicing proven scientific methods to improve not only the hoof, but to also coincide with the bio-mechanics of the whole horse.


Over 12 years of case studies on hundreds of horses prove that Monique Craig’s method of therapeutic shoeing and treatment is successful. The podiatry center specializes in extreme cases of laminitis and other issues, but also works with sound performance horses to maximize their comfort and performance.

Dr. Kristina Grewal, DVM

We are proud to have Dr. Kristina Grewal as our on-site veterinarian.  Dr. Grewal came to us after graduating with honors from Texas A&M in 2006, and spending one year in a medicine and surgery internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center.  She is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and California, and has an extensive local client list.